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Fabricated Minds is a blog dedicated to all creative minds across the globe! People that simply have an inexplicable love for Fashion and Art. Although Fashion and Art are the main themes for the blog, Culture will be on display on this site as well! Different cultures have different styles of clothing, some of which have traditional implications which we dive into. This site was made to serve as a haven for people like me, a haven for all lovers of Fashion, Art, and Culture..a society for "fabricated minds” across the globe. Enjoy your stay :)


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Art is life. Give me an empty museum and I will fill it

Art will always influence this World. It inspires us, connects humanity to the past, and has the ability to stretch our imagination. Without art, it's hard to imagine what this world would be like. Creativity stems from it, it lives through our surroundings which can be showcased through photography, and it unconsciously influences everything we do. For instance, it influences the way we dress, the way we present things to others, our architecture etc. This blog is fully dedicated to showcasing the most interesting artistic finds across the globe. Art that stands out eternally, and is significant enough to pass on to your friends and loved ones.


If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty

As a noun, Dictionary.com defines fashion as "a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc." As a verb, it's defined as "to give a particular shape or form to; make." This is exactly right. Our sense of style can be looked at as an expression of self. To some it can define who you are as a person, a way to showcase your personality. This explains why people are self conscious about what they where. Fashion is diverse across our entire civilization. From the traditional hijab worn by women in the middle east, to the Obi worn by the Japanese, or the Jaxon hats sported by the British-all of these garments reflect cultural differences that will always link the modern era to days of the past. A connection to history. This blog will explore the meaning/significance of such attire to help educated you, our visitors, and ultimately make you more culturally inclined on a global scale. Other than that, fabricatedminds will be dedicated to showcasing all the coolest fashion trends and fashion finds, both male and female, to help you gain ideas for your personal closest or style!


Culture is the intersection of people, and life itsself

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